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Discover the art of the possible with Progreen

Understand the total cost of ownership, the many benefits of alternative fuels, how to ensure a smooth transition with our support and most importantly, how to drive down your carbon emissions.

  1. Taking positive steps towards your environmental and corporate social responsibility
  2. Reduced CO2 emissions, delivering improved air quality
  3. Future proof fleets as major cities go for green
  1. Reduce operating costs and increase fleet uptime
  2. Zero congestion charges within Clean Air Zones
  3. The ability to take advantage of incentives and Government grants

Consultative advice

Business case planning and a fleet ESG strategy to ensure a smooth transition to a lower carbon footprint. We help you to get the most appropriate alternative fuel vehicles, built and supplied on full contract hire packages.


Energy infrastructure site surveys to fully understand what can be achieved at locations, for both now and in the future. Further to this, full support with charger site surveys, installations and commissioning of chargers to future proof your locations for alternative fuel vehicles.

Intuitive Data Analysis

A data analysis solution that will determine the suitability of transitioning from diesel to electric vehicles. The advanced platform provides live data insights on carbon reductions, driver behaviour, cost savings and much more! Along with monitoring driver behaviour for range optimisation.


ProGreen offer full training capabilities, both at customer locations and at our ProCademy Training Centre. Training sessions can be bespoke to your specific requirements and can take place over a number of sessions. Training includes all things alternative fuels, certified qualifications, vehicle training, driver familiarisation, charger and network education, range optimisation and much more!

Customer Story

Univar Solutions urgently required a fleet provider to replace its ageing and inefficient tractor units

Prohire won Univar’s tender and has since supplied 22 fuel-efficient DAF New Generation XG’s which are delivering 20% fuel savings.

Prohire beat their competitors in a number of areas to support our business. Our tender process wasn’t all about cost, it was about value. We’re not after the cheapest, we’re after the best. We’re willing to pay for great service as long as we get it and, with Prohire, we get it.

Mark Woodworth

Univar Solutions’ Transportation Director EMEA

Ever greater legislative demands are being placed on commercial vehicle operators.

To this end, Prohire not only recognises the importance of compliance, but underpins it with the numerous accreditations it has earned. These accreditations prove that the company has the structures and the systems in place to provide platforms for total compliance and operational efficiency.