Univar exceeds customer delivery targets and fleet cost thanks to Prohire’s outstanding service

23 Jan | 4 min read

Case Study

Leading global chemical and ingredient distributor, Univar Solutions urgently required a fleet provider to replace its ageing and inefficient tractor units.

Prohire won Univar Solutions’ tender and has since supplied 22 fuel-efficient DAF New Generation XG’s which are delivering 8% fuel savings. Since working with Prohire, Univar Solutions’ on-time delivery target of 95% has consistently been exceeded, often achieving 98%, 99% and 100% of deliveries on time each month. Univar Solutions UK was named ‘Fleet of the Year’ at the Fleet News Awards in 2023.

Prohire has become a trusted partner for Univar Solutions, with more tractor units ordered since the initial tender.


In 2021, Univar Solutions needed to replace its ageing tractor units which were end-of-life and suffering from poor fuel consumption and a high level of off-road time.

The tractor units are part of Univar Solutions’s mixed fleet which works 24 hours a day, five days a week, distributing chemicals nationwide, including essential components for the pharmaceutical industry. Each vehicle, on average, clocks up 175,000km per year.

Univar Solutions was looking for a new fleet provider to work with them to hit their 95% on-time delivery target and achieve its 2050 Net Zero goal. Univar Solutions required a sustainable solution, and quickly. Prohire, who were recommended to Univar Solutions by DAF range supplier Lancashire DAF, tendered for the Univar Solutions tractor contract as one of three providers.


Since winning the tender, Prohire has sourced 22 brand new tractor units (DAF New Generation XG’s) for Univar Solutions. The new fleet of units are the latest, most modern and fuel-efficient tractor units in the UK and Europe and are delivering 8% fuel savings.

Prohire worked closely with Lancashire DAF to secure the vehicles, have them branded with new design livery and delivered to Univar Solutions within a tight schedule.

Prohire was the only provider to agree to work with Univar Solutions to achieve its delivery targets for customers. Since the companies have worked together, Univar Solutions’s on-time delivery target of 95% has been consistently exceeded, often achieving 98%, 99% and 100% of deliveries on time each month.

Univar Solutions UK was named ‘Fleet of the Year’ at the Fleet News Awards in 2023.

Prohire also supplied specialist equipment fitted on the vehicle to allow Univar Solutions to complete both high and low pressure deliveries from its fleet of road tankers or mini-bulk tanks.

As part of Prohire’s commitment to customer service, the Univar Solutions team has regular calls with their dedicated account manager as well as a monthly review with the company. This includes Prohire’s EV and alternative fuels division, ProGreen, advising which new technologies are suitable for the Univar Solutions fleet and supporting the company on its efficiency and sustainability journey.

Included in the contract is a replacement vehicle to cover MOT, breakdowns and VOR.


  • 22 new vehicles supplied in line with Univar Solutions’ fleet replacement programmee
  • On-time delivery target of 95% consistently exceeded, often achieving 98%, 99% and 100% of deliveries on time each month
  • Dedicated point of contact for Univar Solutions means if any issue arises it is resolved quickly and the fleet is kept on the road
  • Replacement vehicle covers MOT, breakdowns and VOR, thus keeping the Univar Solutions fleet on the road

Prohire beat their competitors in a number of areas to support our business. Our tender process wasn’t all about cost, it was about value. We’re not after the cheapest, we’re after the best. We’re willing to pay for great service as long as we get it and, with Prohire, we get it.

They’re not the cheapest or the most expensive, but they offer the best service by far. Put it this way, when we needed more tractor units we didn’t put it out to tender, we ordered them from Prohire as we knew they would provide the best service and their costs were in line with their previous tender submission.

We know Prohire wants to help us achieve our business goals. They understand our business and that, for us, the cost of a vehicle being off the road is higher than the cost of the repair. Prohire always gets the job done.

We have a dedicated account manager, who we speak to weekly, and all of the directors are involved and know us and our business. Prohire understands our sustainability targets and proactively suggests ways they can help, such as letting us try out new vehicles and technologies.

We look forward to continuing to work with Prohire, they are a hugely valued and trusted partner for Univar.

Mark Woodworth, Univar Solutions’ Transportation Director EMEA